Friday, January 23, 2009

Palm first comment on iPhone multi-touch patent

It didn't take too long for Palm to start deflecting Apple's strong sentiment on its iPhone multi-touch patent being ripped off in Palm's new webOS™, PC Mag has managed to get in touch with a spokeswoman at Palm on Thursday who said that the company has not been contacted by Apple's legal team, to her knowledge.

"Palm has a long history of innovation, obviously reflected in our own products and our own robust apps portfolio," she said. "We have long been recognized for our fundamental patents in the mobile space. If we're faced with legal action, we're confident that we have the tools to defend ourselves."

When asked whether gestures like "pinching" were universal, or belonged to Apple, the Palm spokeswoman said that "our position is that multitouch has been around a long, long, long time before Apple introduced it."

Now, like any other civilized modern people who are familiar with blog gossips and how blog news are often exaggerated the real topics, the above comment does not reflect that Palm's webOS™ actually copies Apple's iPhone multi-touch interface. Since Apple haven't revealed yet which company that allegedly ripped off its IP (Intellectual Property), as far as we know it Apple could be hinting at a company in China which is widely known for making knockoff products from famous companies including Apple.

We must be careful in adjusting our point of view when reading this kinda news, let's just keep our thoughts in the clear water and hold on to the saying: "not guilty, until proven otherwise." ;-p

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