Friday, January 30, 2009

Nvidia CEO believes Intel's Atom platform will hurt PC software industry

Big companies sure love to talk about what they think their competitors are lacking, or in short talking the bad things they're doing. But unlike housewives who love to talk gossips behind the person, the CEO from those big companies love to talk in front and out loud, with help of tech news media.

One in particular is Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, yesterday he sat down with LaptopMag for a lenghty interview. But there are interesting answers from Huang, which once again were punching at Intel.

Mark Spoonauer from LaptopMag asked Huang: "So what's wrong with today's netbooks?"

Jen-Hsun Huang replied: "The Atom platform is creating an installed base that doesn't run modern applications. It doesn't run anything well from Electronic Arts, it doesn't run anything well from Adobe, it doesn't run anything well from Microsoft. I just mentioned the top software companies in the world. So in a way, the Atom platform is creating an installed base of PCs that's going to eventually hurt the PC software industry. I think we all have to be very thoughtful about the proliferation of PCs that are inferior to what people think a PC should be, yet still is a PC."

It's also interesting to know what the Nvidia CEO think about netbook category: "If I were to ask a million people, What do you call something with a Microsoft operating system called Windows and X86 processor from Intel, I would think that 99.9999% of them, except for the Intel marketing person, would call it a PC."

Read on the whole interview at LaptopMag article (via TG Daily).

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