Thursday, January 29, 2009

Over 93% of South Koreans own mobile phones

South Korea; the home country of the world's No. 2 (Samsung Electronics) and No. 4 (LG Electronics) manufacturers of mobile phones, has nearly as many mobile phones as the people live in there.

Sung Suk-ham of the Korea Communications Commission said there were 45.6 million mobile phone subscribers in South Korea in December in a country with a population of 48.6 million. That's over 93%, a slight rise in rates from six months ago. The number is expected to rise further in the coming year, despite the economic downturn, Sung said.

South Koreans also tend to subscribe to more than one wireless carrier, more than 15.4 million South Koreans — just under a third of the population — have high-speed Internet, the commmission said.

Are these signs of tech savvy, or tech addict? ;-p

Sources are from MSN, via TG Daily.

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