Sunday, January 25, 2009

Telkomsel starts accepting iPhone 3G reservation for Indonesian customers

Just wanted to drop off another quickie news here: Telkomsel, one of the biggest wireless carrier companies here in my little country of Indonesia has start to accept iPhone 3G reservation for those who're interested.

It might be a no biggie for countries with legitimate iPhone 3G distribution from Apple, but this is a quite something for us here. After BlackBerry Bold, this is the second time I see local wireless company to offer high-end mobile phone.

I've contacted the customer service, who was then told me that they have no further info on pricing and the date of arrival yet. Right now, all they know is to accept as many as possible reservations for iPhone 3G. IMHO it looks like Telkomsel is still "fishing" to determine if it's profitable or not to bring iPhone 3G here, and most probably it will also help the wireless company to negotiate the price with Apple.

Telkomsel has sent the invitation to make a reservation through text message, and when I checked Apple Indonesia website there's a huge banner of iPhone 3G there saying "The iPhone you've been waiting for. Coming Soon." So this looks as real as it can get, unlike the previously doubtful email offering which looked very dangerous and unreliable. Well, you know the drill...

Apple is definetely in full speed to broaden iPhone market to international scope outside its base camp; the U.S. Where Apple starts to see the potential of international market to boost its global revenues.

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