Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why we love/hate Steve Jobs so much, that we can’t leave him alone

“Why don’t you guys leave me alone -- why is this important?” Steve Jobs said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg, where he insisted not to comment further on his health.

Steve P. Jobs has only gone for around a couple of weeks to rest, but the blogosphere and tech news and heck even SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) were obviously not resting and relentless to find out anything related to the psychedelic Apple CEO who’s currently on medical leave. So yeah, what is it about Jobs that we can’t get enough with? Why are we keep pulling his finger even though he despise it?

It’s more understandable for SEC to investigate Apple’s disclosures about its CEO health problems, the stock market regulators wanted to make sure the investors weren’t misled by the official news and by news that follow afterward. Apple stock shares are very sensitive to Jobs’ health, this has been proven many times before. And it seems like the blogosphere just can’t wait to deliver a shocking news about Jobs, that even precedes the reality condition of the man himself.

For an instance; there’s a hoax news at Wired tech blog that reported Steve Jobs has had a heart attack. Someone created a legitimate-looking Web page using Wired's public upload image viewer, which generates a page containing an image under a Wired logo banner, Wired said.

"A widely-circulated URL which points to an image that purports to be a story about Steve Jobs health is a hack job," said. "We won't provide the URL here but the Twitterverse quickly surmised that the item was not correct."

A day after that, major TV networks like CBS and NBC were scheduling interviews for their Jobs obituaries. Almost the same like what Bloomberg’s Steve Jobs Obituary not so long ago too. TV news are known to prepare in advance news packages whenever there’s a famous person who is ailing, they even go as far as find people who are willing to talk about the related person as if he/she were dead.

Valleywag got an inside source who’s telling that CBS and NBC producers are calling Steve Jobs, asking for a “feature” interview, but when pressed they admitted it was an advance obituary for the ailing Jobs. I can’t imagine Jobs’ face when he was asked for the interview, and then found out what it was actually for. ~LOL~

So far, money had been the main purpose of SEC’s investigation and for the TV networks’ advance obituary. But how about us, I mean you and me, and the whole other bunch of tech enthusiasts out there; why are we so interested in Jobs?

For Apple fans (and maybe for those who are not), Jobs has become the beating heart of everything about Apple, starting from the design to the final and finishing of the products. The problem is we have too accustomed to see and enjoy the modern Apple since Steve Jobs came back and became the CEO, Jobs has taken all the credits of all good things that are coming out from Apple. And there’s fear that Apple will not be the same as today without Jobs tomorrow.

So in short; we love him for being so stubborn in driving his passion and enthusiasm for Apple, which the results we can see for ourselves in the great products from Apple. But then at the same time we hate him for being too superior alone at Apple, making Apple as a one-man-show company, and frighten us every time he sneezes or even when he catch a light cold.

That does sound familiar, that’s like Dan Lyons’ (a.k.a. Fake Steve) love/hate relationship with Steve Jobs. Lyons expressed his feeling toward Jobs after he left Fake Steve blog: "I actually really admire him. I wouldn't want to work for him, I wouldn't want to live next to him, I wouldn't want to be in his family. What he does requires a hardness that I don't think I could have. I feel affectionate toward him."

Huh, it’s kinda hard to digest isn’t it? To love, or to hate that’s the question? Love - hate is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe that our minds can’t comprehend. No matter how many reasons and answer we can collect, we can’t rationalize those both feelings. I can’t give a better answer than this ‘Calvin & Jobs’ cartoon below, rather than answer the question, it would be best to let the feeling takes the wheel. ;-)

Calvin and jobs love
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