Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye Palm OS, we have know you for (too) long...

There's no sadder day for Palm fans and the hardcore-users to hear that Palm is no longer producing new Palm OS-powered devices, this sad news was announced by Palm CEO Ed Colligan himself during a talk with investors at the Thomas Wiesel Technology and Telecom Conference in San Francisco on last Wednesday (via PreCentral).

After having life supports for more than it could bear, Palm finally pull the plug and let go the aging OS to rest. There's no better way to describe how old really is the Palm OS (also now known as Garnet OS) than the sharp-tongued Dan Lyons:

"Palm's aging operating system, Palm OS, was originally created for a relatively simple personal organizer; it was then added to and patched up to do things like power a cell phone—a task it was never intended to perform. It was a bit like using a lawn-mower engine to build a go-kart, then adding a bigger chassis and turning the go-kart into a real car, then turning that into a plane, and then trying to make the plane fly to the moon. Palm needed a fresh start."

For some, that may be true. But not everybody is looking for the most cutting-edge or the savviest OS built to handle multi-apps with eye-cathy UI, for many of Palm long time users; the easy to use and reliability are the most important key features that not even today's new OS can do so gracefully.

But for Palm, the time has come to move on and it can't even come at the right moment than now. With the new webOS™-powered PrÄ“™ smartphone is prepped and ready to launch, Palm wish to focus on the future than looking back at old glory for only sweet memories.

Then again, for you who still wish to linger a little bit longer on the great old Palm OS; the Centro will be the last Palm device to host it.

And as for myself, the time of the sad news has come at the most confusing moment as I was contacted by the local mobile store I used to visit that there's a rare second-hand Treo 680 Copper at stock right now with tempting price. I've always have a weak spot in my heart for Treo's look, and especially if it comes with the most rare color: orange. I've been wanting to get to know the famous Palm OS, but with such heart-breaking news at hand, the once sure decision has now shaken to its very core. Should I get it, or wait for the new one...?

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