Sunday, February 15, 2009

Treo always keep me in touch

Like the usual routine, I have to go to the capital city for some errands and for that I had to endure long hours of travel to get there. Leaving my old desktop computer has became an easy thing to do ever since I had my Treo 750v on my side (strapped on my waist to be precise), because my Treo always keep me in touch with almost everyone and every news I need to know.

No matter where I am, either it's on the road or at the stores/offices, my Treo brings in the latest RSS news without fail. The places I've been through don't have WiFi connection at all, so I'm glad the Treo doesn't depend on WiFi for data transfer.

Treo's keyboard is very comfortable for writing long text messages (SMS) and replying emails, while I'm out of town I've been using it a lot to keep in contact with business partners & families. Everyone keep on asking me, why I can reply so quick and with long or often full spelled words, and I always tried to tell them about Treo. But after I abuse the keyboard till it was broken with so many beating of usages last year and then got it repaired, now I try to refrain as much as I can. One thing I miss most is blogging with it, I don't want to get it broken again so I stopped doing it. Perhaps I should get another one just in case...? ;-)

I'm staying at my cousin's place as usual, and since my sister's children have grown and they're now know more than ever how to use the computer, they've been dominating it for almost all the time I'm staying here. I have to battle with them first before I can use the old computer, in fact I'm sneaking in the middle of the night as I speak in order to start blogging again. ~LOL~

So please forgive me for unable to update you with the latest news about mobile world & technologies for the past weeks, I'll do my best to catch up with the limited resources I have at hand right now... Namasté y'all!

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