Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Copper/Orange color allure

I always believe in the so called "destiny"...
When I first saw Palm Trēo (the 680 & 750), I knew immediately I've fallen in love. I couldn't take my eyes out of it, I got to have it; that's what I said to myself.

Because I have not know Palm OS the whole of my life, and because there's only the grey-colored Trēo 680 available here in my little country, I chose the Trēo 750v because I'm more familiar with Windows OS.

But just as Palm has announced that there will be no more new Palm OS from now on, I'm still in out of town and I was contacted by the local mobile phone store I used to visit at the capital city that there's a rare Trēo 680 Copper available, it is second-hand but still in good shape and comes with tempting price. At first I didn't give much thought about it, but last weekend I was meeting with friends near the store location and without realizing it my feet took me there. So I said to myself, what the heck I'll just take a quick look at the orange-colored Trēo 680, go home and forget about it in no time.

Boy, I was so wrong. I simply fascinated by it, maybe it because of the spotlight or the lighting of the store, but that second-hand Trēo looks amazing. I'm drawn to it, and can't stop thinking about it...

Too bad the store won't allow me to take a picture of the second-hand Trēo 680 Copper, but I suppose the great picture above from 'nicktcu' (Flickr link) describes everything I'm trying to say. ;-)

Ever since I was a kid, I rarely get the nicest things in life. I rarely get a brand-new gadget or device, I usually received and bought second-hands, it's very rare for me to buy new gadgets. I always sticks to what I own or given, and especially to what I'm familiar with. Like my current one-year-old fixed Treo 750v, I adore it and love to use it everyday. What can I say? My Treo just works.

And now here's my biggest dilemma; the sharp-tounged Newsweek tech writer Dan Lyons calls Palm OS as "a go-kart build with a lawn mower engine", and with the sad announcement of no more new Palm OS in the future from Palm, should I get the Trēo 680 Copper when Palm OS has just became "obselete"...?

I need your help, I need your input. Please help me to make up my mind by posting up your comment at this thread at PalmAddict Forum, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

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