Sunday, March 15, 2009

gCalWall Lite (free) version for iPhone/iPod Touch

Here's a nice offer for you organized people with iPhone/iPod Touch out there; gCalWall Lite is a free app that lets you add any text or your upcoming Google Calendar appoinments to the iPhone home screen.

Since this is the lite (free) version from the paid one which costs $1.99 at App Store, of course there are limitations compared to the paid version. Here are the key differences of the full version (via JAiB):

The pay version allows you to select your own image, retrieves up to 3 more weeks worth of data, and has a use last button that remembers your settings. This full version will also see an update soon which allows calendar selection.

It feels good to know that there are still software devs who offer free version of their apps, that way users can try out the apps before they decide to fork out few dollars to buy the full version.

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