Sunday, March 15, 2009

iSendMMS allows iPhone to (only) send MMS

The iPhone OS 3.0 is just few days away from being unveiled to the world, among the rumored of promised new features is the ability to send and receive MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) in iPhone.

But for you who can't wait that long, there's a work around to take MMS feature into your iPhone faster; a Swedish company Mobispine has introduced an app that lets iPhone users send MMS messages called iSendMMS.

Sounds too good to be true? You're right, because there are two conditions. The first one is in order for you to use the app, you must registered with the local wireless carrier TeliaSonera, which means you must become a Sweden citizen first. Second; iSendMMS only supports for sending MMS.

According to Joakim Hilj, corporate vice president of sales at Mobispine in the company's blog (via PC Advisor); Mobispine is planning to make iSendMMS to be able to receive MMS as well. For that to be possible the Mobispine platform has to be connected with the operator's existing MMS equipment, and it would also makes sense to use the Apple notification API (application programming interface) when released.

Hilj also reveals his company plan to broaden iSendMMS coverage to other wireless carriers since last year November. The first big step to make iSendMMS globally available in other countries has been done, that is to get Apple approval in App Store. iSendMMS is already available in App Store at the price of 49 Swedish kronor (£4.10), but users should aware that they still have to pay the MMS tariff seperately to the wireless carrier.

If MMS feature is to be included in the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0, then this iSendMMS app is going to face a real tough time and destined to become obselete when the new OS is delivered.

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