Sunday, March 15, 2009

Indonesia iPhone 3G will be launched on March 20th

It's finally coming here to my little country, the iPhone 3G. It's not a biggie news, especially for those at the other side of the world who already have official iPhone 3G launched at their countries, or for you who have own a pawned iPhone 3G.

Nevertheless, it would be an interesting event to watch. Will the iPhone 3G beat Nokia's Communicator (E90) & RIM's BlackBerry Bold which have become the most used smartphones in Indonesia? The wireless carrier who will officially sell the iPhone 3G is Telkomsel, one of the biggest wireless carriers in Indonesia.

The 8GB model is offered at roughly around US$214 for 12 months subscription plan called "Turbo Premium", subscribers will get free 360 minutes talk, 300 free text messages, and free 1,000MB data connection. For the same subscription plan, the 16GB model is sold at around US$333 a piece. For the full information, hit this link.

Note: that's not me in the picture who held an iPhone 3G, I wish it is. ~LOL~ It's a very tempting offer, and I bet there'll be a long line of people who want to be the first to own the official iPhone 3G in Indonesia. But personally, I'll wait until the announcement of iPhone OS 3.0 on March 17th, and find out if the new OS will be fully compatible with the iPhone 3G or not. Until then, I'll indulge myself with a dream of owning iPhone 3G for my own. Yup, that's right keep on dreaming eh? ;-p

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