Thursday, March 26, 2009

Geeks reinvent the new iPod Shuffle as a fashion tech-cessory

Read this post with one big Apple love that hearts every products the fruit-logo company make, especially the intriguing new iPod Shuffle.

I haven't got the chance to mock... err, I mean to discuss the new Shuffle, but since Sammy is throwing a brand new Shuffle at PalmAddict, then I suppose this will be a good time to do so.

As you've already learned, Apple decided to ditch the famous wheel-click and replaced it with voice control located at the earbud cord, the new technology called VoiceOver. Because of that making the new Shuffle thinner than ever, and weight less than the previous models. But Apple also touting it as "Fashion tech-cessory," and it appears to be true.

Take the sassy-beauty Veronica Belmont for an instance, she uses her new Shuffle as hair clip. Perhaps she lost her daily hair clip, and so her boyfriend the Gdgt tech-blogger Ryan Block took the initiative to replace it with the newly bought Shuffle. But still, she noted the Shuffle as a potential choking hazard. ;-p

And there's Dylan Tweney, who uses his Shuffle for tie clip (right image). That's actually a great way to show off your new gadget to your co-workers, as well as a fashion replacement for those fancy expensive tie clips used by uptight executives.

In any ways, they all are making the most of their new Shuffle. Showing that even geeks also have their fashion awareness too, it's just kinda quirky to see how they thought about it and do it. Hey maybe it's true, seeing the Apple logo really do make you to think more creative? ~LOL~

Source is from iPhone Savior.

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