Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get $5 worth Wolfstein 3D for FREE at Cydia

No really, you didn't misread that. The exact same game Wolfstein 3D game from Id Software, which is offered for $5 at App Store since March 23rd; is now available for free at Cydia!

It is the exact same, because it is the same game. It's all thanks to Id Software who published the game under General Public License (GPL), and put the source code in the open for everyone to download.

Two days later Zodttd simply downloaded the source, compiled, and published it to Cydia. Click on this link (via ModMyiPhone) to get it!

So, I wonder which one you'll choose: the $5 worth official game or the free legal same game at no cost? *chuckles* Like I need to ask, rite? ;-p

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