Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ngmoco CEO: "Why the iPhone has changed everything"

Kicking off the Game Developer Conference (GDC) as one of the starting speakers, Neil Young; founder and CEO of Ngmoco stole everybody's attention with his presentation entitled: "Why the iPhone has changed everything."

He opened the speech with a discussion of mobile platforms war between the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, Neil theorized how Nintendo might use the native functionality of the iPhone. Neil believes that the iPhone’s social qualities will affect all apps and there will be likely a whole new slew of online multiplayer apps.

Then his presentation showed 'LiveFire', a first person game app for iPhone from Ngmoco which is based upon the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 software. LiveFire uses Push Notification so users can request a friend to join the game, the game also features the new In-App Purchase to buy new weapons and levels directly from the game. Please read my previous post for brief explanation on these two new features.

Ngmoco livefire

Neil sees iPhone as a game changing device that bring together console, social, and PC gaming into one platform. “The App store has created a level playing field,” said Neil. He explains that Apple has “fostered an ecosystem … there are over ten thousand developers out there” in addition to over twenty-five thousand applications. Neil's words somehow in match with what I've described in my post about iPhone OS 3.0 impact on other mobile platforms.

Read the whole news coverage at Macworld article, and you can watch the LiveFire demo at this link.

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