Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meebo CEO: iPhone's Push Notification is what we needed

Apple plans to put inside plenty of user-friendly features into the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 software update in summer, and the Cupertino-based company is working on a native iPhone feature to answer the challenge of multitasking ability from other mobile platforms: Push Notification.

Software developers have been complaining about the lack of background process in iPhone which is needed for their apps to work properly, but instead of letting they have it their way, Apple promises a more efficient way to do that with Push Notification (read my previous post on this).

Meebo has been around for quite some time, where before the iPhone OS 3.0 arrive, Meebo has a web-optimized iPhone app and an Android app to offer to its users. And Ars Technica spoke with Meebo's CEO Seth Sternberg about his company's forthcoming chat app, and why it will make a significant breakthrough for iPhone. Here's a snip of the interview:

When asked why Meebo has waited until now to offer a native iPhone app Sternberg offered the obvious answer: Push Notifications. "We have high standards, and a native chat app without some kind of a background system is a bad experience." Push Notifications was the answer Meebo needed, and the forthcoming iPhone OS 3.0 feature will allow users to be alerted of new messages even when they're not running the software.

We are yet to know how good and useful this Push Notification feature will be until iPhone OS 3.0 released to users later, but for a start Meebo is feeling the love of what the Push Notification can bring to their app. And like what David Chartier from Ars Technica has said in his article: "When Meebo arrives sometime this summer, it will probably be one of the best examples of what is possible with iPhone OS 3.0's new Push Notifications features." There will be more apps to come to make the most of this new Push Notificaition feature. Read the rest of the interview at Ars Technica page.

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