Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HKPUG show their love for Palm OS at farewell party

Since Sammy is still in New York, then I'll post this refreshing quickie news from PalmInfoCenter about a farewell party for Palm OS held by HKPUG (Hong Kong PDA User Group).

"Members brought along their Palm OS devices from over the years and swapped stories and bits of data over IR. Nearly every Palm OS powered device from the Pilot 1000 to the Centro was represented and most all of them were still in good working order."

Visit PalmInfoCenter page to see more pictures of the event, and bring up once more the good ol' memories of the Palm OS devices you own in the past (or still have).

Another good side of the news is that the love for Palm also present at Asia regions, and had created quite of fan base even up to today. Palm should acknowledge this, and utilize any mean necessaries to deepen its root into the heart of Asia, outside of Palm's own home. This could really help to revive Palm back, if just Palm plays the right cards. So Palm, how about unlocked PrÄ“™ for us here in Asia? ;-)

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