Monday, March 9, 2009

RIM: a paranoid company?

On an interview with in Sydney, RIM chief information officer Robin Bienfait said: "Everything I have that's on RIM is recorded and retained as RIM. So if they want to have a chat with somebody and it's not a chat that's within RIM's domain, then they may want their own personal device.”

Meaning all actions happened on RIM’s internal network were all logged, so employees who wanted to have private conversations must use his/her own personal devices. Bienfait also admitted that RIM records all of conversations, in order to maintain control over intellectual property.

Sometimes, breaches have occurred, followed by quick action on the part of the company. "We go take a look at whatever the breach or the leak is and we track it back to who or whatever caused it and we take whatever necessary action," Bienfait said.

When asked what’s the action taken by RIM if an employee loses a pre-release beta devices, she said: "I can't melt it from the sky yet. I would like that.” Or in simple normal word means: RIM would wipe the device immediately, so that it was just a piece of hardware. ~LOL~

Read on the whole interview and found out more if RIM is indeed a paranoid company or not, you decide.

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