Friday, April 10, 2009

Trēo is my entertainer on the journey

I'm going on the road again tomorrow, meaning I'll be spending hours of long and most of all a boring journey to the capital city. Can't really complain since running errands is one of many things we must do every now and then in our life, besides I think I can use a change of scenery for once in awhile.

This time I'll be riding a train instead of car, so I believe it'll be a pleasant trip without so much distractions from bad road. There's no better way to spend all of those dreadful lonely hours on the train than with my Trēo™, I've loaded its memory card with some movies to keep me occupied. Not to be forgotten are the latest tv series that I haven't been able to catch up yet lately because of work.

Of course, I hand-picked as many songs as I can get from my old collections and put them also into the Trēo™. I'll get acquainted with them again whenever I feel going to be bored to death while on the train. ;-p

Overall, my Trēo™ 750v will be my entertainer on the journey. An all in one device, my Swiss-army knife strapped on my belt. My palm-sized netbook on the go, a perfect replacement for the absent of a personal laptop that I never able to fill in. Can't leave home without my Trēo™, absolutely never.

So my friends, I'll see you again next weekend, hopefully. Until then, have a great weekend y'all! ;-D

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