Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cydia 3.0 haz arrived

Right now, the hottest topic for iPhone and iPod Touch owners is the new upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 software update in June later this year. And so the "3.0" moniker continue to be the next gen for everything related to those aforementioned devices, and that includes the famous Cydia and QuickPWN tools.

Jay Freeman (a.k.a. saurik) has released the new Cydia 3.0, and what more good is that StealthBravo from ModMyI has bundled the latest QuickPWN Beta 5 tool with the new Cydia:

"Currently the only way to get Cydia 3.0 on your device is to jailbreak with a newly modified QuickPwn. This new custom QuickPwn is compliments of HoZy, lilstevie, saurik, and iphoneappsru. This QuickPwn includes all bundles needed to jailbreak your iPhone 3G, iPhone, and iPod 1G."

But beware, the Dev-Team creator of the official QuickPWN tool has warned us the danger of using the unofficial tool before hand. And so does StealthBravo: "If you upgrade to 3.0, it will change your baseband and yellowsnow unlock will be non-functional. Furthermore, as of now you will not be able to downgrade your baseband unless you are on a 5.08 bootloader and be stuck without a soft unlock."

If you're interested but still have doubts on using this bundled tools, head on to Firmware 3.0 jailbreak thread to get help. God speed my friend!

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