Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Donut: Android 2.0 nickname proves that Google loves food

Have you heard the new nickname for Android 2.0? Yeah, it's none other than Homer Simpson's fav snack: 'donut'!

Not only the news caught me off guard that Google has already begun working on the next gen of its mobile platform, but also because of the nickname which Google picked. It feels kinda hilarious since the latest firmware update released not so long ago (Android 1.5) is gaining quite some popularity for being called 'cupcake', and now Google decided to go with something bigger than a 'cupcake'... Well, I guess 'donut' is emotionally logical. ;-p

Android Developers have already started mentioning 'donut' in Google Groups thread, but not much of info on what to be expected in the new version. Although it is said that the basic functionalities in the version 2.0 are very noticeable from the Android 1.x, and it'll not be available in every devices, the implementation of version 2.0 is given entirely to the mercy of wireless carriers and mobile manufacturers.

With that, for you who are about to get today's Android phone, consider yourselves warned. Because it's possible that Google plans to fight back the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 software update with this 'donut' firmware, and just like the iPhone there'll be some features which are not going to be available in the old hardwares (T-Mobile G1 & HTC Magic).

Sources are from Google Groups, via Phandroid.

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