Monday, May 4, 2009

Google Street view spots Waldo buying iPhone in U.K.

Right on the spot! Sammy has just posted up the Where's Waldo game for Blackberry devices at PalmAddict, and I just caught this over at Macenstein: "That’s right, there’s Waldo outside the O2 store at 77 Putney High St Wandsworth, London SW15, UK, where he is obviously about to buy himself an iPhone to take advantage of its GPS capabilities." ~LOL~

Turns out this was an Easter egg by the UK Google Street View team, according to one of the Macenstein's readers named Liam.

Two quick questions though: why did Waldo pose like that? And why pick the blue-colored O2 iPhone store instead of the left one which is red-colored, it's too easy to spot Waldo with his red strip colored shirt there don't you think? ;-p

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