Sunday, May 3, 2009

The unexpected road

You know what people used to say: “Men can make plans and even try to execute them in any way possible, but the outcome is not theirs to decide…”

I for one, have experienced just that. I went to the capital city to take care some errands and personal things, but unfortunately took longer than I anticipated. During my stay here I barely have access to the internet since I don’t have a laptop anymore, but thank goodness my Trēo™ 750v once again proves to be more useful than I can think of.

I don’t have to worry to be left behind on keeping up with the latest news from the tech world with the help of 3rd party app installed in the Trēo™, although it’s pretty hard to get all of the usual news and read them altogether on the Trēo’s™ squarish small screen. And even though Pocket IE is an awful mobile web browser (compared to the iPhone’s or any other mobile web browsers), I still managed to open up a friendly blog for mobile web browser with it and read the whole article I wanted.

The use of text messaging and calls are increasing a lot because I’m out of town, the Trēo’s™ excellent physical QWERTY keyboard makes composing text message a pleasure to do. And the built-in chat view of Trēo’s™ text message feature very helpful when receiving up to 3-5 messages at around the same time, I can easily traces back the conversation without trying too hard to look for the matching one; I never had troubles of replying like sent it to the wrong recipient.

It may took me awhile, but through those unexpected bumpy road I had to walk on, I found out and realized the nicest little things in life which I should have appreciate before. Never say never, or like a wise saying that goes something like this: “Better late than never…” For me, it takes a tough break to see everything more clearly.

Yes, life can be full of surprises we fail to predict. But one thing for sure: my Trēo™ is still dependable as I expected it should be. ;-)

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