Saturday, May 16, 2009

If just these iPhones are real & to be introduced at WWDC '09...

Everybody, starting from Apple fans to iPhone owners, have marked their calendar on June 8th as the most important date to know and see what Apple has prepared for the future of the iPhone. Where at WWDC '09, Apple is for sure to present the new iPhone OS 3.0 software and Mac OS X. On recent announcements, Apple also confirms that the event will be led by Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing; not Steve Jobs. The famous Apple CEO is apparently still focusing on his health ever since he took six months of medical leave back in January this year, and still on track of come back at the end of June though.

If the absent of Steve Jobs is not heart breaking enough for Apple hardcore-fans, then some of you might already noticed that there's no mentioning or even the slightest confirmation of a new iPhone at the event. Like the Apple we're familiar with, the company keeps tight lips on everything related to the upcoming new products. So the least we can do is to hope, and to keep on dreaming / imagining of what the new iPhone will look like if it's truly exist.

One particular artist, who called himself as 'Inside Apple', has created not just one but two new iPhone concepts: nano & unibody. They're nicely done, a bit over the top but hey that's how we like it right? ;-)

iPhone nano

Life is full of colors... That might actually work as a catchy line for these rainbow colored iPhone nanos (pictured above). ~LOL~ They're simply eye-candy for any gadget lovers, especially for those who love to show off. The concept itself doesn't went far off from the first generation of iPhone, just added two tones of different color at the back while retaining its physical shape.

There have been many rumors before about the existence of iPhone nano, and it does make sense in a way for Apple to pump up the iPhone sales by using the same strategy used for iPod nano. Adding colors will give an extra value to replace the limited features compared to the bigger / original iPhone, a nice trade off for some exquisite users. And with global economy recession wave still hasn't totally gone yet, Apple ought to think of a smart way to outsell the upcoming Palm Prē.

iPhone unibody

This one concept really blew me off my mind, the moment I saw the back of this so called iPhone unibody rendered pic (pictured below), my jaw dropped in awe and I'll definetely going to get one for myself if it does exist. It is so gorgeous...

The thing is about iPhone, it will completely change your perspective once you held it in your own hands. Just like many Apple's other products as well, like the new unibody MacBooks. You can't tell the difference only by seeing the picture, but when you hold a MacBook and touch it, you'll feel the difference is silently overwhelming. So it is a very cool idea indeed if Apple use the unibody technology into the new iPhone, making the frame more rigid without adding too much weight while keeping the beautiful look. A light weight smartphone but very robust; that's how an ideal mobile device should be made. No one has ever done this before, certainly Apple is not going to be the last company to do that... right? ;-)

Sources are from Inside Apple, via The Business Insider, via iPhone Savior.

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