Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PalmAddict marks a decade of dedication & friendship

Oh, woops... here I go again. While everyone has congratulate PalmAddict on its 10 years birthday, here I am late as usual to pen down my own congratulation for PalmAddict. I intended to do this since two days ago, but I was so busy and the workloads prevented me to post even a tiny-bitsy thought.

But before I get to that, I just want to say exactly the same of what Sammy has also come to realized when on May 25th, 2009 our beloved PalmAddict weblog turns 10 years old: " cannot believe I am using the word 'decade' to mark my site."

I know I was not there when PalmAddict first established, nor when PalmAddict grew for the past years after its birth, because I only joined PalmAddict last year. But even without witnessing it, to mark a website or a weblog for a decade long is remarkably awesome! For any kind of establishments, a decade means you'll have to have a large amount of dedication to make it this far. To think of PalmAddict has been always fueled by users' thoughts and contributions, it is so awe-inspiring to know you're not alone out there, and there are a lot of fellow Palm and mobile users who feel the same way we do about the brand which has pioneered the PDA road into our digital life.

Because of that, there's no site or blog like PalmAddict. And to tops it all, in my personal humble oppinion, it is the great atmoshepere at PalmAddict that makes it to become such a heart-warming community for me to call as 'home'. Where everyday, every hours and every minutes, I'll come here whenever I can to check what's new and to see familiar faces (I mean names... ~LOL~). In this vast world of internet, I've marked PalmAddict as my 'virtual home' and I'm sure many of you do the same whether you've realized it or not.

In this very special moment, I believe it's the most appropriate time to thank you all of you: readers, associate writers & editors, who have made PalmAddict what it is now. It's because of you, PalmAddict exist and stay strong even in these harshest times. And of course, we all can't thank you enough to Sammy for all he has done to PalmAddict. He is the rarest kind of fellow you can find in this short life of ours, and I've learned a ton from him ever since I joined this one-of-a-kind community.

But the biggest treasure I found in PalmAddict is not those lavish gifts that Sammy love to throw so often, like the PalmAddict 10 year birthday throwaway, it's not that really. But it's a chance of a lifetime to let yourself be heard in a big community like PalmAddict, to be a part of it, and to learn lots of new things from others whom you can call as 'friends'. For me, it's really an honor to be allowed to contribute for PalmAddict. But the real shiny jewel I've received from you and which I'll always keep close to my bosom; is what I'm proud to call as: 'friendship'. Life is short, and to have crossed path with you, and to be allowed to call Sammy and most of you as 'good friends' is every man's riches to die for.

Happy birthday PalmAddict!!! All of the best wishes for another decade to come, where hopefully we're all can say this together out loud: "Whoops... here we go again!" ;-)

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