Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Google's paid apps arrive in Singapore

Not many of us know about Google's paid apps since, well let us be honest here, most of us only use the free apps. So it's kinda weird to hear the news of Google apps offered...

But nevertheless, after shook off the shock from hearing there are paid services from Google (yes, it's more than one! ;-p), let's hear more about it. According to a PC World article; a Singapore-based company called PointStar has start offering Google Apps Premier Edition and will provide consulting and support services for local customers.

Google Apps Premier Edition is the version of Google's online application suite designed for companies with more than 50 users. Unlike the free version designed for companies with up to 50 users, Premier costs US$50 per year for each user. For that fee, companies get 25GB of storage per user, instead of 7GB, as well as migration tools and more support.

Google is looking to recruit more resellers for Google Apps Premier Edition in Singapore, and plans to expand the program to Malaysia, Indonesia and India in the coming months, Ramanathan said. The service is already available in other Asian markets, including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, said Deepak Ramanathan, Asia-Pacific head of enterprise marketing for Google.

This move will clear the way and smooth the path for the arrival of Google's Android smartphones, which naturally will also use Google's services (Gmail, Docs, Calendars, etc.) either they're paid or free versions. And by aiming for small to middle businesses, Google will be able to plan a stronger base in yet to be untapped potential of Asian markets.

Say, what about you Palm (the cue goes to the PrÄ“™)?

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