Thursday, May 28, 2009

Counting down (11 days left) to WWDC '09: The new iPhone & iPod might look the same as ever, but what if the 'current' Palm designed it?

Searching for images or even one live shot of the rumored new iPhone before Apple announced it officially at WWDC '09, is like trying to find a needle in hay stacks. Or more likely, you'll never going to see a real one because the company is known to keep everything closed tight before the official announcement.

But it looks like Apple has finally made a tiny mistake when the Cupertino-based company released the iPhone OS 3.0 SDK Beta 5 to developers, a member of MacTalk forums has found an icon set buried secretly deep within the framework that shows of what seems to be the new iPhone. And it is called as "iPhone 2,1" which is the internal code name usually used by Apple to numerically label the iPhones, starting from the first gen labelled as "iPhone 1,1" to iPhone 3G labelled as "iPhone 1,2". --pictured above--

The numerical numbering may sound strange to us, but that is Apple's method to differentiate hardware changes in each new models. When there's only minor hardware changes made, then the number on the second string increase. And if there's major hardware changes, the first number in the string will be the one increased.

If after you saw the blown up picture of "iPhone 2,1" above you feel somewhat don't want to jump on the coach like Tom Cruise did in Oprah's Show, then you're not the only one. But it's not like we're completely surprised at all, because previously the rumors have it that the new iPhone to be unveiled at WWDC '09 will not has a total make over, but instead it'll only received a little cosmetic touch-up. On the outside, the look and the dimensions will be the same as ever. On the other hand, the inside will offer more powerful hardware parts than the both older models.

The "iPhone Slider" concept

Back in the days where Apple first introduced its one and only 'brainchild' smartphone; there was this rumor about how Jon Rubinstein pressed the need for a physical keyboard on the iPhone when he still works there, but Steve Jobs disagree and went with his own design for the iPhone as we all know today. So what if the very 'soul' of current Palm, Jon Rubinstein, did have his iPhone design approved? Would the iPhone has a slide keyboard just like Palm Prē™? That's when people started to dub the imaginery device as the "iPhone Slider"...

But that's not what happened, the iPhone we know as today doesn't have a physical keyboard. Although what we know for sure is Jon Rubinstein did design the Palm Prē™, and he did a major change from the original design. Fortune Magazine managed to interview Jon Rubinstein about it, here's a snipped info of the interview:

"Rubinstein started, in his words, 'hanging out' with Palm people in late June. He didn't like what he saw. The hardware for the Pre needed to be scrapped and rebooted. ... Rubinstein tossed out the old phone's hardware and built a new one in about 15 months. "We were basically running a marathon and doing a heart transplant in the middle of it," says Rubinstein."

I got the feeling that Jon Rubinstein has a certain fondness to a sliding keyboard mechanism, don't you think? Would it be good or bad, it's hard to know since there are pros and cons on having a physical keyboard that slides out underneath the screen. The debates are way too long for this post to contain. But thank goodness we have this greatest gift from God when things were not how we thought they would be: imagination. And with helps from various design artists, we've got two cool "iPhone Slider" concepts below for you to drool over. ~LOL~

Which one do you prefer? Personally, I like better the left one with less cramped keyboard and bigger buttons. One of the most things I like from iPhone is its user-friendliness for our big-bulky fingers. ;-p

The new iPod nano with camera

The latest juicy rumor is saying that Apple prepping a new iPod nano with a wider screen and built-in camera, and iLounge added more fuel to the rumor by creating a rendered image of the new iPod nano. But still in the thought of what if Jon Rubinstein is still at Apple and he's designing the new iPod nano, how would it turns out to be? Could it become like the right image below? Another slide out physical keyboard under the iPod nano's screen and click-wheel? Ouch, I guess I'm being a mean person right now, but like I said above; I got the feeling that Jon Rubinstein is a 'slide-keyboard-out' kinda person... ;-)

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