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Counting down (15 days left) to WWDC '09: New iPhone model rumors round-up

Iphone 4g Do you really believe Apple will introduce a new iPhone in WWDC '09 on June 8th next month? Even though Apple is like usual never give an official statement on its upcoming hardware line-ups, either it's Macs or iPhone, we're emotionally believe that Apple will follow through its own tradition to introduce a hardware refresh when it comes to WWDC events. Like last year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented the iPhone 3G, also at WWDC.

But based on tradition alone, does not guarantee the arrival of third generation of iPhone. Except, it's Apple we're talking about here. A company which always managed to surprise us all whenever it comes to a new fine build product, along with nice looking and fluidly smooth software. However, talking about new iPhone software is not something wholly new, because Apple already unveiled the iPhone OS 3.0 software update which is also coming in summer later this year, most probably to accompany the new hardware.

With that in mind, that leaves one big hole absence of heart yearning for a new iPhone model. At first, we can only assume. Later on, rumors are beginning to pour in and hint that new iPhone is on its way. And as we're nearing the WWDC '09 event just in more or less a couple weeks, signs are emerging to back up the evidence of new iPhone. Apple is trying so hard to close tight the lids, but no matter how good Apple is, unintentional blunders or deliberate mistakes are made and thus make it harder for Apple and non-believers to deny.

The rumors

While we're counting down the days left to WWDC '09, let's take a quick flash back from the old to the latest rumors that hint the arrival of a new iPhone:
  • Apple is now selling iPhone 3G online. Starting on the early weeks of May, Apple Online Store began offering to ship iPhones to new AT&T subscribers for free. The price remains the same at $199 for the 8GB model and $299 for the 16GB model. Why all of a sudden Apple had a change of heart? It's obvious that Apple is trying to clear out its warehouse of old iPhone stocks, in order to make space for the new model.
  • AT&T is running out of iPhone 3G stocks and starts offering refurbs for sale. Some subscribers are reporting of iPhone 3G shortage in their area when they called AT&T call centre, of course AT&T denies any shortage and spokesman Brad Mays claims that sales representatives provided "incorrect information," but doesn't elaborate further.
  • Vodafone Australia puts 16GB iPhone 3G into the EoD (End-of-Life) list. One of Apple's authorized wireless carriers in Australia has sent out an advisor note to its retail staffers saying that the 16GB iPhone 3G is discontinued by its distributor Brightpoint. "This is an opportunity to take advantage of these devices whilst they're still available," the carrier said.
  • AT&T's BlackBerry Bold trade up program includes 32GB iPhone 3G. 'Fishy' thoughts and rumors are flying around when AT&T includes its hottest selling handset into the BB Bold trade up program, why would AT&T do that unless to show that its cutting-edge iPhone 3G is old and new model is coming right up. And to tops it all, AT&T 'accidentally' spilled the bean of a 32GB iPhone 3G themselves.
  • T-Mobile Austria "accidentally" posted up a dummy placeholder page for a 32GB iPhone. Aaanndd... it's gone now. The 32GB iPhone placeholder has been removed shortly after the blogosphere is on fire because of the dummy page. *sigh*
  • Rogers is also expected to launch the new iPhone in Canada. Rumors has it, or in this particular rumor: BGR's ninja has it that Rogers will launch the new iPhone on the same day that it lifts off in the US. Purchases will be limited to one iPhone per customer on opening day and there will be active demos on display in stores.
The specs

Those are the rumors, but they are not complete without specifications. Unlike like the rumors, these specs are confirmed by findings in the iPhone OS 3.0 software registry system, and backed up with reports from various sources. So without further ado, let's have 'em already shall we:
  • Video_iphone32GB and 16GB storage capacities
  • 600MHz processor speed
  • 256MB RAM
  • 3.2 Megapixel camera
  • Video recording & editing
  • OLED screen
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • Built-in digital compass (magnometer)
  • Direct movies & tv shows download
  • Apple logo on the back to light up*
  • Rubber back*
  • $199 and $299 price-points to be maintained
  • July 17th, 2009 release date
* These aren't confirmed, just some iPhone-fans wish list. ;-p
** Also, don't forget to tune in to PalmAddict Podcast #156 in which Tyler Faux discuss about the rumored new iPhone too.

Last thoughts

Apple knows exactly what excite people most is a new hardware, not just a software update, the beauty inside does not apply right for this time. Especially when the Palm Prē launch date is so close to WWDC '09, the time will come soon where Apple need to battle the Prē head-to-head.

Although it looks like we won't see much different of the new iPhone from current existing model, again by knowing apple's tradition of hardware refresh like its Mac line-ups. It's most likely Apple will only add light cosmetic touch on the exterior of the new iPhone. Because Apple has already struck a gold with iPhone's look, its minimalist and pure aesthetical look is in line with Apple's own famous philosophy. We might only going to see small changes on the back of the new iPhone... maybe.

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