Sunday, May 24, 2009

Counting down (13 days left) to Palm Prē launch: Palm & Kris Allen, the American Idol 2009 winner

A little off topic; last night I just got the chance to watch the final episodes of American Idol season 2009. The final match between the two last contestants: Adam Lambert & Kris Allen, and the crowning of the winner. I know I'm late to watch the shows and I already knew who the winner is from the internet, but that's because I was so busy for the last weeks.

But wait, what this got to do with Palm? Why do I start blabbering about a singing competition in here? So if you could just bear with me for awhile...

First of all, I usually don't give much of attention about American Idol (AI). I don't even know who wins and at what season after Ruben Studdard, the winner of AI season two. Yes I know, you must be sayin' how lame I am. I used to only watch the auditions to see the funny people so desperately trying to sing a song, and think they're THAT good. And I also used to stop watching it when the contest starts moving to the big stage.

But this year's season, it caught my attention especially when the 'underdog' contestant Kris Allen sung Bill Wither's "Ain't No Sunshine" with such amazing and fresh composition that no one have ever heard, or in this case; no one have expected that from him. Kris continued to surprise everyone when he changed Kanye West's "Heartless" song into an energetic coffee house jam with his guitar, all of a sudden he turned from an 'underdog' into a 'dark horse' in the competition. Kris' uncanny ability to made every chosen songs into his own version, has helped his modest yet charming personality to win more votes than the favorable contestant Adam.

No one remembered or recognized Kris from the start of the show, the AI producers didn't even bothered to show Kris until he reached the semi-finals. In contrast to the other contestant, Adam who received plenty of attention both from the judges and fans, including from the producers. Adam often overly publicized and given better stage effects like special lighting, stage smoke, etc. than Kris. And on the finale the judges literally handed the crown to Adam, while they tried to comfort Kris by saying he should be proud to make it this far. Everybody, including Kris himself was so sure that Adam will become the winner of this year's AI.

When the results announced, everyone's jaw drops and eyes were wide open. Kris was speechless and said this when Ryan Seacrest the show host asked him how he feels: "It feels good, man, but Adam deserves this." Too bad they didn't show Adam's reaction at that moment...*

This is where I feel the resemblance of Palm's situation right now with what happened to Kris Allen, Palm had been ridiculed so many times before the Prē introduced. And with new features of the Prē spilled out in almost monthly to weekly basis, everyone are beginning to see how good actually is the Prē. The once 'underdog' company now turns into a 'dark horse' to be reckon with by every other competitors in the market right now.

As Kris has been crowned as the winner and is now doing his victory laps at his home town (and presumably at his room too ~LOL~), Palm is yet to receive the same situation, not at least after the Prē released on June 6 next month. That is, if the fabled webOS™ is as good as we've seen it so far.

And even though Palm will do its own victory dance after the Prē becomes a success, Palm will still face a tough time ahead when Apple is also rumored to introduce a new iPhone just two days after the Prē launched...

* If you still want to read more about Kris Allen and American Idol 2009, then visit Alan Sepinwall's excellent article at And whilst you're there, perhaps you'll want to pen down your own oppinion at the article's comment section which has reached 281 comments as I write this blog. ;-p

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