Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prē-tend theme for iPhone

You probably have seen this news a couple of times at Gizmodo, and Sammy also has posted them up at PalmAddict. This so called 'Prē-tend' theme made by a graphic designer James Meister, is inspired by Palm's upcoming Prē™ smartphone with the new exiciting webOS™ user interface.

This isn't the first time a Palm Prē™-based theme is made for iPhone, previously there's a similar theme offered at an iPhone group forum. Can't really tell which one is better, because I haven't got myself an iPhone 'yet' (read here if you want to know the reason why ;-p) and since there ain't much of screenshots to compare them. But one thing for sure though, James Meister's 'Prē-tend' theme looks to have a much cuter icons set. One particular I'm very fond of, is that Tweetie icon pictured below.

The 'Prē-tend' theme isn't the only iPhone theme that James has made, he also created four other cool themes for iPhone. Go check 'em all out at his website, and while you're browsing there you can grab the 'Prē-tend' theme as well.

They say: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...," but it's a real shame, really... That Palm has shut down the successful TealOS, while Prē™-based theme like this one is coming out like spores in rainy season. While Palm's very own competitor; the iPhone is enjoying a bit taste of the upcoming Prē™, why can't Palm loyal users have the same experience? Bummer...

Sources are from James Meister, via JAiB.

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