Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Rosie" UI shows how good Android can be

I couldn't put it better than how AndroidGuys put these latest "Rosie" Android UI (User Interface) screenshots into words: "Forget cupcakes and donuts. This looks like a wedding cake." ~LOL~

In the not so-so far away land called rumor, in the not so-so long ago, we were served with such delicious offerings: 'cupcake' and 'donut'. And now, comes a new delicate ice-topping to arouse your gluttony and it's called "Rosie". No, it's not cherry on top like usual. But rest asure, it is better and will leave your mouth-watering yearn for more.

The instant super-kid named Haykuro who became famous since he shown off the HTC Hero firmware in his possession to the world without actually sharing it, has come back with another brand new teaser this time and make us drool for more.

It's still uncertain whether this so called "Rosie" UI is just another customized Android 1.5 ('cupcake'), or just an upgrade from the previous HTC Hero firmware. So far, all we know the nickname "rosie" is used several times during the video demonstration below, so it might be the real code name for this cool new UI after all:
  • rosie_arrange
  • rosie_add_to_home
  • rosie_navi
But the biggest question is, how come a 17-years old teen can have this next gen Android UI from a huge multi-dollar company like HTC? Is this just a prank, just some sort of photoshopped & animated pictures? Or is this a deliberate leak from HTC to make some noise before introducing the HTC Hero phone? First thing first; considering how often it is for HTC to make its own customized UI in Windows Mobile handset line-ups, it's highly possible this so called "Rosie" UI could be a real thing.

And the timing couldn't be any better: HTC is about to face an uphill road in June when iPhone 3.0 and Palm Prē are both going to be launched almost at the same time. So it is best to create some kinda buzz no matter how small to stimulate the market and send a message to the consumers that Android too can be as good, or yet better, as those two over-publicized smartphones.

Then what are you waiting for, HTC? Bring it on! Let the war begin, and may the best of all win.

See more of this "Rosie" UI screenshots here, via Android Community.

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