Saturday, June 6, 2009

Counting down (2 days left) to WWDC '09: "The Cure for iPhone Envy" funny ad at Apple's SF store

Here's something to laugh at, after all of those stresses from waiting the day WWDC '09 to arrive on June 8th the day after tomorrow; a funny ad is placed under Apple's San Fransisco store at One Stockton street and it reads: "The Cure for iPhone Envy." (pictured above)

The billboard ad belongs to a person called as DVD Jon (real name Jon Lech Johansen), who happens to be the co-founder of doubleTwist. For you who don't know yet, doubleTwist is a software that allows non-Apple devices to be connected and sync with iTunes. The software is legal, but of course you know how Apple feel about it. Wait a second, then how did doubleTwist ad ends up right next Apple's SF store entrance and underneath the Apple gigantic logo?

This is where DVD Jon's clever mind took place: the billboard ad space is actually own by BART (the Bay Area’s commuter transit system) and he simply rent it to advertise his doubleTwist software. This is a perfectly legal action, just like the software itself, and there's nothing Apple can do about it. TechCrunch (via Valleywag) is reporting: "We’re hearing that Apple employees are currently scratching their heads as to how this appeared." ~LOL~

If Steve Jobs really is going to make a surprise come back at WWDC '09 event tomorrow, then his employees should do something about this before he sees this doubleTwist ad. Somebody's job is going to get cut off by Jobs soon...

* Note: Is it just me, but when I first saw the billboard ad, I thought the spoon is Palm Pre™... Maybe I stared too long at Palm Pre™ pictures from all of those reviews, but the spoon's shape really close in resemblance to the Pre™ lines of body, no? ;-p (I've included the side view of Palm Pre™ below for comparison...)

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