Saturday, June 6, 2009

Counting down (2 days left) to WWDC '09: Are these the new 3rd gen "iPhone Video"?

Tease... tease... and tease. That's what you'll get if you're following every news and rumors about what kind of new iPhone to be introduced at WWDC '09, either they're right on the money or just some pranks made to enfuel the excitement. But you've gotta admit it, you love it don'cha? ;-p

Tuaw iphone video One of the latest juicy rumors arrived this weekend is about the new nickname to call Apple's 3rd generation mobile device: "iPhone Video", TUAW has received an anonymous tip stating that AT&T's support website will be updated with "iPhone Video" as one of the model choices when choosing Apple as the phone manufacturer. The tipster even included a live screenshot of the purpotedly new model choice (pictured on the right).

AppleInsider also has received a tip with live screenshot which is showing new iPhone model placeholders at Carphone Warehouse labelled as "V3", althought there's no further confirmation whether the "V3" stands for "Version 3" or "Video". Again, we're still in the fog about this "iPhone Video" nickname...

Ispazio iphone video But you know how it always goes, rumors won't complete without a blurry image to back it up. So came along an Italian iPhone blog called iSpazio, who contributed to the boiling rumor nickname with a live screenshot of the device. The blurry image you see on the left shows a very weak green-light dot just below the ear-piece, could it be a face-front video camera for tele-conference call?

It is very unlikely for a face-front camera to be in size that small, however it does go along with the "iPhone Video" nickname. In which the nickname unconsciously makes us to believe the 3rd gen iPhone will be capable of full video features such as video recording, editing and even tele-conference call as well. These all are just a wishful thinking, although we can only rely on two things for certain: Apple needs to raise the competition bar once again since the Palm Pre™ is launched today on June 6th, secondly Apple is one of a kind company who loves to surprise us all with the 'unthinkable' new products.

Macenstein iphone video Is that all? Not quite yet, there's one left. But you better be prepared for the most uncommon rumor: the new 32GB iPhone will be available in "green with pink flowers" & "yellow with fluffy bunny" option models! Macenstein has received an inventory screenshot taken from a Hungarian T-Mobile store showing what appears to be the full line of new iPhone colors and capacities (pictured on the right), Macenstein then reminds us that Apple briefly toyed with flowery patterns on the original iMac, releasing a short lived “Flower Power” model. Uuuhh... I'm speechless about this one. ~LOL~ But hey, at least if this is true there's still the "plaid" option model to choose from.

There you have them all, the "iPhone Video" rumors. Which one do you prefer? Me, I much rather hope the 3rd gen iPhone will look like the 3D-rendered image at the top of this post or like the "iPhone Video" image below. *wink*

Pa iphone video

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