Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Counting down (few minutes left) to WWDC '09: Last minute reality check

If you're reading this means either you're currently awake and staring at your monitor, waiting for the WWDC '09 to kick start in just few more minutes to go; or you just happened to be re-reading the old posts archive and missed the live coverage. ;-p

Today is a big day for Apple and iPhone fans, as in a matter of minutes away Apple's Phil Schiller will deliver his keynote and soon we'll know what Apple has been up to these days. There have been many rumors going on for the past weeks about the new iPhone, but no matter how good they are, rumors are just whispers in the wind.

Nonetheless, we're all suckers for juicy rumors. If we're not careful, the fake excitement we're getting from rumors will only lead to huge dissappointment. So what we really need is a reality check, something to bring us back to the ground before we float way too far. Here's what we really sure know what will be the topics in this year's WWDC based on the banners hanging around the event: iPhone OS 3.0 software & 64-bit Mac OS X (pictured below).

Without doubt, the main topic of WWDC '09 will be about the iPhone apps. The WWDC banner located at the registration hall shows that crystal clear, saying: "One year later. Light-years ahead." (pictured at the top) And just in case you you didn't see it, there's a man on the left moving away from the registration counter carrying a black-colored bag wrapped in plastic; that's the WWDC '09 schwag for the attendees. The schwag consists of a black WWDC 2009 tee shirt and black vinyl backpack (pictured below).

So, the WWDC '09 is about to begin soon. I'm going off to watch it live on various tech blogs, and I'm sure you are too, enjoy!

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