Thursday, June 18, 2009

HTC Magic becomes Indonesia's first Android phone

While Android users in the U.S. are still waiting for confirmation of T-Mobile's second Android-powered phone to be called as myTouch 3G, mobile users in Indonesia can rejoice to know that HTC Magic is officially announced as the first Android smartphone to arrive into the local market.

The HTC Magic will be offered by Telkomsel, the same wireless giant that offers iPhone 3G in Indonesia not so long ago. Telkomsel plans to bundled the HTC Magic with its pre-paid wireless service Simpati, and the official price tag is around Rp. 6,500,000.- (US$625).

With few quick phone calls, I found out the HTC Magic hasn't arrive yet but they say it will in just few weeks in the future, probably almost at the same time T-Mobile launch its second Android smartphone too.

"HTC Magic is a sophisticated and elegant smartphone," said Peter Chou, HTC CEO at the launch in Jakarta, June 11. Telkomsel VP Channel Management Gideon Edi Purnomo said, "This is an evolution for us, that every wireless carriers will make the transition from traditional base (voice and SMS) to become data oriented base." Telkomsel is said to add 3G technology network from 4500 Node B to 7500 Node B.

Source is from Kompas.

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