Monday, August 31, 2009

And the owner of that butt is...

So this is the moment that you've been waiting for, the unveiling of whose butt is that crouched like in the previous photo.

Well, it's none other than the Hill's cutie: Ms. Audrina Patridge. *gasp!*
Yup, I'm sure you're as shock as I was when I first saw the photos.
I mean, c'mon.. The reality tv star is definetely has a hot body with very nice curves, like what you can see up there above at the photo set. But why, oh why did she crouch like that...

Ms. Patridge was spotted visiting some local boutique stores and shopping district along with friends when her purse fell on the floor, she must've spontaneously picked it up with a never seen before "mischievous-crouch" style and that's when the photographer took a picture of her.
It was priceless... ;-)

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