Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Could it be Steve Jobs' health linked to Apple's tablet deadline?

There's a riveting story around the blogosphere last night, as I was climbing into my comfy bed and tried to doze off to sleep with reading the latest news on my Trēo™ 750v, I read another article that covers Apple and its psychedelic CEO Steve Jobs.

Bryan Appleyard from U.K. Times Online (yes, his last name alone can easily fooled you like he's from Apple Inc. ~LOL~) has wrote an article that caused quite a buzz, it's not because his writing reveals hidden dark secrets of Apple that we haven't know already or telling us how "obnoxious" Steve Jobs is. But the reason is because Apple was trying so hard to block the article to be published, here's a quote from the article:

Apple hates personality stuff and press intrusion. “We want to discourage profiles,” an Apple PR tells me stiffly, apparently unaware she is waving a sackful of red rags at a herd of bulls. Another PR rings the editor of this magazine to try to halt publication of this piece.

Aside of how the witty words twisted with sarcastic humor managed to keep my sleepy eyes wide open, a blazing speculation stroke inside my tired mind when I read this particular information in the article:

Rumours suggest he is, in spite of the transplant, about to do it (Apple keynotes) again in the next few weeks. It will be a dual sensation: the sight of a walking, talking Jobs and of a new tablet computer, a sort of giant iPhone, which, some say, will yet again change the world.

If we are to believe the credency of the article's source that says: Excitement intensified early this month when an unnamed "analyst" was reported as having actually held the tablet. He said it was "better than your average movie experience", and we are to believe the Apple's tablet is to be introduced at next month Apple's September event, then just take a moment of pause to think about it...

Thin_steve First of all, Steve Jobs never missed an important key notes and the only stopping him from standing on the stage is because of his health issues. Secondly, Apple's tablet is supposedly to become the next great thing after iPhone. In the article, Bryan Appleyard describes how Apple has changed the world when Steve Jobs introduced iPod families and the all wonder iPhone. In fact, Andrea Cunningham, a PR hired and fired four times by Jobs has said this about the Apple CEO: “My God! He’s single-handedly changed the world, like, at least three times!”

Third and the upmost delicate inquiry is how well Steve Jobs? Apple has been keeping its CEO's health issues as low as possible from the mass media, and so does Jobs himself. He was dead at least a couple of time before, first when he was diagnosed had a pancreatic cancer, second when he had to undergone a liver transplant in which to get one means you must on the top of the death list.

When Jobs took an absence of medical leave on January this year, he swore to every Apple loyalists out there that he will still be working at home and make all of the important decisions for Apple, and even without mentioning it we all know he's watching over his next biggest project: the Apple's tablet. A project that was certainly stalled because of his health issues at that time.

I dunno if Steve Jobs has nine spare lives (which is only 7 left if we took account of above almost death experiences) in his closet, or if he has the uncanny ability to cheat death itself, but don't you think at this point at least he's thinking like: how about if I don't make it the next time around when the grim reaper comes to visit me again? If so, don't you think Jobs is thinking that he should hurry and announce one of his latest brain-child gizmo before the time really is running out? After all, the Apple's tablet is supposed to be another Jobs' creation that will change the world, so we speak...

I'm not saying nor wishing bad things to happen to Steve Jobs, but even though I'm not an Apple fanboy, I still wish to see him to wow us all again with his usual spectacular keynote. And I believe the Apple stock holders can't be agree more than to see Jobs introduce a gadget that will make all of geeks and Apple fanboys to queue over night to get it, an Apple device that still have Steve Jobs' signature on it and that will last long enough even if an "unwanted" situation happened.

All of us are in favor to see the mysterious and highly rumored tablet at Apple next event, an event that has been reported by John Paczkowski from All Things D that according to sources close to the company, the date is Wednesday, Sept. 9. But again the source emphasis that there will be "NOT involve any discussion whatsoever of the tablet Apple is reportedly developing."

But hey, don't take my words or any rumors for granted. Because like Bryan Appleyard has wrote in his article about Apple's 'mafia code of silence': "Executives feed deliberate misinformation into one part of the company so that any leak can be traced back to its source," as far as we know it Apple could be giving misinformation of there's no tablet involved on the next September event. Like the company did before when asked if there will be a small and cheap iPod, the next day Steve Jobs introduced the Nano.

That's the hard thing about Apple is, the Cupertino-based company is not affraid of lying and giving out misinformation, which is why Apple has always been a favorite target for journalysts to write about. No joke, a $140 billion dollars worth company who is not affraid to lie to the press, how twisted and cool is that? ;-p

Because one we're certain of, Apple has been caught red-handed on shooting an ad at Jax Truckee Diner some time ago (pictured below). “Apple found us, they're trying to show us as a hip and cool spot for the 20-something crowd,” the owner Bud Haley said. But looks like anyone involved in the ad shoot were sworn to a secrecy on what the ad is for.

For all we know, the new ad shot at the restaurant which is located “At The Tracks” on 10144 West River St., California, could be for any new products including this Apple's tablet. Or it may also for the most likely rumored new iPod Touch with camera, which has been leaking out on the net for the last couple of days ago.

Whatever Apple has prepared in store for us on September 9, I believe it'll be a blast no matter what, because the real caveat is to see Steve Jobs back on the stage once again and when the keynote is about to end he'll end it with the usual “and one last thing”, and then like a child we will once again drop our jaw seeing the new shiny toys... ;-D

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