Friday, August 21, 2009

Glass Platform sets new size for Android phone

Are you one of those people who are not satisfied with the size of your mobile phone and wish your desk phone is better than it, and your shout out is often something like this: “Why does my cell phone have ten times the functionality of my desk phone?”

Then your prayer is going to be answered, in big sized. Cloud Telecomputers has introduced Glass Platform, an Android-powered desk phone for business. The idea to build a desk phone that can perform like today's smartphone is based on that particular inquiry above, and the company believes many 21st century business professionals need such powerful phone on their desk. Here's a quote from the announcement:

“Glass makes the desk phone relevant again,” said David McMorrow, Cloud Telecomputers CEO. “It thoughtfully integrates business applications with IP telephony to bring the office phone into the 21st century. It’s a technological leap forward in terms of applications and usability, helping professionals to be more productive and informed in their everyday communications.”

The very reasons for Cloud Telecomputers to adopt Android is because of its prowess and openness, so partners and software developers can immediately jump into the already thriving platform. So far, the prototype model (pictured above) features are:

  • 8 inch color touchscreen
  • Tap to dial by name or phone
  • Click to dial from Microsoft's Outlook
  • Bluetooth connection to answer your mobile phones
  • Voice dialing and voice notes
  • HD speakerphone
  • Android OS
The company anticipates Glass-enabled phones being available in first quarter 2010, with suggested retail prices ranging from $599 to $699, depending on features and configuration.

What more impressive is that according to an interview with David McMorrow the Cloud Telecomputers' CEO, Rob Jackson from Phandroid found out that: "Cloud Telecomputers is a small company with less than 10 employees…!" And I must agree with Rob, that how come a small company like Cloud Telecomputers can build such a nice Android phone, while multi-billion dollars worth giant companies like Motorolla and Sony Ericsson who have hundreds of people concentrate to build Android phone haven't announce something solid so far..?

Makes you wonder doesn't it? Big wonders are often came from small package... ;-)

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