Friday, August 21, 2009

Duracell's myGrid charger is almost as cool as Palm Prē's TouchStone

Wow, what you see up there is for real. Wireless charger for our lovely little cute gizmos is going from just a dream to have into a reality, and the exclusivity is no longer only for Palm Prē's TouchStone owners, because Duracell has announced its own version of wireless charger: myGrid.

Unlike the Palm Prē™ which simply use a special back cover to work with the TouchStone for quick and hassle-free charging, Duracell's myGrid still needs you to use a special mount for your mobile phones, called Power Clip™, other kit includes Power Sleeve. But the best thing about myGrid is it allow you to charge multiple devices at once (up to four devices), and promised to work with four famous smartphone brands: Apple, BlackBerry, Motorolla, and Nokia.

Another feature of the myGrid's ultra-slim profile is it can detect when being touched and shuts off, it also detects moisture and metal like keys or coins. Duracell claims that charging with myGrid is as fast as using standard charges, based on USB 2.0 specs.

The myGrid will be available in October this year, but Duracell hasn't disclosed any pricing and exact date yet. Sources are from PhoneMag, via Engadget Mobile.

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