Friday, August 21, 2009

Google Listen for Android

Google really is one scary tech giant, well at least for me, because the company which is famous for its on-line search engine seems to keep on inovating and releasing new services, apps, softwares, etc. And recently Google has just released another new free app for its own Android OS: Google Listen.

Google describes Listen as an audio search app, user can type in the keywords and the most relevant results will be shown, after the desired audio feeds downloaded over the air users can listen using the app.

In the layman's term, Google Listen is kinda podcast manager app. But Google prefers to call it as a digital magazine, because user can download as many podcasts he/she want and then put them in queue to be played later.

* Note: As I'm writing this post, Google Listen website is currently down. Probably caused by the heavy traffic of Android users who are trying to download the app, the website stated: "Over Quota". Even Google can have a bad day, huh? ;-p

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