Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trēo 650 appears in "Mr. Woodcock" movie

Woodcock screen grabs

Don't ask how I spotted this in "Mr. Woodcock", a movie released back in 2007, in which the part where Palm Trēo™ 650 make an appearance is more important to discuss right here right now.. ;-p

As you can see at the pictures above (click to enlarge them), the Trēo™ 650 is being used by Amy Poehlr, the talented comedian from Saturday Night Live show. And Seann William Scott, playing as John Farley character in the movie, is jaw-dropped when seeing the Trēo™ 650. Just kidding... he actually surprised about the email shown on the Trēo™.

Wow, everybody is saying the Palm Trēo™ line-ups is old and not trendy anymore compared to the today's new cutting-edge smartphones out there in the market. But even the oldest of them all, the Trēo™ 650 is still making appearances in Hollywood movies. Yes, although the movie itself is not new... But still, the Trēo™ is close to the heart of everyone, and refuse to die just because it's called old fashioned by those who never know it personally...

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