Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'My Tether' app turns your Palm Prē into 3G WiFi Router

The nightmare is approaching fast for Sprint, the one and only wireless carrier in the world right now who's officially offer Palm Prē™ is going to face its worst nightmare: data bandwidth clog. Where previously, Sprint (including Palm) was caught off guard with the found of Palm Prē's data tethering capability and tries to make the news low profile ever since then.

But now, there's a new app for the Prē™ called 'My Tether' that will allow the smartphone to become a 3G WiFi Router. "This app allows you to use your Pre to connect to the internet. It allows you make your Pre into an WiFi hotspot to share your EVDO connection, as well share your EVDO or WiFi connection to tether over USB, or Bluetooth PAN," says Raja Kapur the app developer at his website.

There are two versions of the app, version 1.5 is offered free but requires you to hack your Palm Prē™ first, the updated version 2.0 needs $10 worth of donation and offers more features such as:

  • Added WiFi network name & WEP key customization options
  • Added option to disable sleep mode on Palm Pre
  • Added ability to turn off the LCD only, doesn't put the device into sleep
  • Removed dependence on
  • My Tether remembers your last tether option & opens to same one
  • My Tether now sets your screen timeout timer setting back to what it was before it was disabled
  • Added checks on WiFi tether screen to existing WiFi connection & prompt with option to disable WiFi
  • Added dashboard notifications on status of WiFi Tethering
  • When WiFi Tethering is turned off the old WiFi connection is automatically re-enabled

Although 'My Tether' app v2.0 only offer WEP encryption, it's much better than none at all. But if you're still interested in the free version, then follow the instructions from PalmPreHacks on how to hack your Palm Prē™. Watch the embedded video below for more information on how to hack your Prē™ and turn it into a hotspot in under an hour.

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