Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cool and exclusive leather case for MacBook Air

Ooops, I almost forgot to keep on supplying you guys with new shiny gizmos and accessories. So far I've been informing you with 'not-so-expensive' things, and now here's something a bit different that guarentee exclusivity for those who love leathers.

Vaja has released another remarkable leather protection line-ups for your precious MacBook Air, but its first edition; the one that has mesh vents sewn into it is one of top of the line amongst others. Like you can see it on the picture details at the left (click on it to enlarge it), this i-Volution Leather Suit type meant to be always attached to the MacBook Air. So it can offer all-time protection, while keep you stay stylish all the time.

There are others amazing leather suit line-ups that can be seen on Vaja's web page, enough to make you drool over a bucket and haunt your dreams to come. A little bit of warning before you head on there. ;-p

All of Vaja's leather protection for MacBook Air are hand-made thus you can order from around 1,000 colors available, starting at $280 a piece. There are many other leather for your gadgets and gizmos, and of course for our Palms.

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