Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garmin Nuvifone, a taste of two worlds: mobile phone & GPS

When mobile phone manufacturers have started to put GPS features into their handsets, it's only natural if GPS manufacturers also start producing their own handsets. The question shouldn't be: why would they venture into something that's not their natural teritory? But it should be: what took them so long to do it?

As we all know it, GPS is the newest feature that every mobile phone manufacturers have keep on installing into their latest handsets. So if those GPS manufacturers are already have GPS technology in their hands; it would be easy for them reverse the wave. And this is where I think, what Garmin is trying to accomplish with its un-released yet of the phone-enabled GPS device:

Specs on the Nuvifone is still scarce, but according to its official
web page; we do know Nuvifone can be used into three different functions: mobile phone, navigation and web browser. Along with other functionality in modern mobile phone such as email, calendar viewer and taking pictures.

Judging from the images and the hands-on video clip below, the Nuvifone will become a strong contender to iPhone. Where once an undisclosed GPS manufacturer CEO said, that he's worried that iPhone could become a serious threat to GPS devices because of its wide screen; now Nuvifone could also become a new threat for similar reason. As you can watch it yourself, the 3.5-inch display screen of Nuvifone looks very eye-catchy.

Rumors from
Engadget Mobile reported that this Garmin's Nuvifone is going to be manufactured by Asus, with the computer-maker lending a hand in the RF technology department amongst other things. The sources further claim that the Nuvifone will be the first in a series handsets, with plans to roll out new models through 2010.

The black colored shown in Nuvifone's web page is also slated by
Engadget Mobile to be released on Q3, at price around $500.

So, what would you have it then? Phone-enabled GPS device, or GPS-enabled mobile phone? Your money, your choice.


Martin Phillips said...

I can't wait for this phone to be released. I've seen the video and love the look of the interface. Looks pretty neat in white too!

Andy J. S. said...

Me too Martin, I'm eager to see it in real world. Although I doubt I can see it as fast as when it got to be released, since Garmin is not a well known brand here in Indonesia...

But if you do see it first, then please tell me more about it.