Sunday, July 6, 2008

Things about Treo 800w that still bug me

Previously, I was talking about some things that bother me about the Palm's Treo 8.xx line-ups. Everytime I look on those photo shots of Treo 800w & 850w, there are itches that crawling up my mind and bug me all day.

And as days pass by so fast, so are the news grow and the latest was about the possibility of Treo 800w to be launched on July 13th by Sprint first (
posted by our main man Sammy).

There are no more
photo shots leaked since then, but we can only rely on the last photo tease and I must say I'm not interested even a bit by the color chosen for Treo 800w (pictured left).

So that's one thing that haunt me during my nights, dreaming of that 'blueish' colored Treo 800w in my hands. The other thing is the screen size, which indirectly affected by its new 'ribbon' buttons set like we have now in Centro.

I want bigger screen, the biggest that Palm can give to its handsets. Of course I don't want bigger/larger Treo, sized like Palm TX. But at least, IMHO, Palm should pushed few inches more out of Treo 800w's screen and make it bigger than the any before.

For example, those two 'Select' buttons placed between 'Treo' name. Before, Palm put these buttons just atop of the 'Windows' & 'ok' buttons; but now replaced with 'Calendar' & 'Messages' buttons instead. If Palm still uses the old format, or just remove them; then the screen can take up the available space.

And this got me thinking, that Palm is probably insisting to make the Treo 800w to be usable with one-handed operation. But with bigger touch-screen, I believe Treo users can use it with only one hand. It really depends on each users characteristic, like there are few iPhone users who can't use it if they're not using with both of their hands; but many say they can manage to.

There is another reason on why Palm kept using the same screen size used in its Treo 680 (320x320 resolution), it's kinda more technical reason: to cut costs and save up rather than spending more resources on creating new size screen for Treo's display. It could be, that Palm is clearing its screen stocks from Centro's last order. Even though Centro sales numbers are often reported to be over than expected, Palm could be miss-judging on how much they should order the spare parts. And this is proven with the last annual earning that is announced not so long ago, basically: more spent & less income.

Talking about more spending; Matias Duarte, designer behind Sidekick and Helio, is now developing Palm's next-gen UI. You may have read the news posted by Sammy (thanks to David Zimmerman for re-posted the news a day after), and we can only hope that the money spent on recruiting another hot-shot designer will livitate the most awaited Palm OS: Nova.

But I'm more hoping that Palm can act faster, and I mean right now, by revamping Treo 800w's UI (Windows Mobile 6.1 Carousel UI) to more appealing look & feel. Other mobile vendors have done it such as HTC with its Touch Flo UI, it would help to quench little bit of Palm fans' thirst for another Palm's breakthrough moves.

We're waiting Palm, forever and impatiently waiting...

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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