Wednesday, January 28, 2009

iPhone OS 2.2.1 update breaks Yellowsn0w

If you're one of those iPhone users who love to jump into newest updates available from Apple and install them right away without thinking, then you better get yourselves prepared. Because like any latest software updates previously released by Apple; the newest v2.2.1_5H11 will break Yellowsn0w.

This latest iPhone OS update really got everyone suspicious of its purpose, was it Apple's response to the iPhone Dev Team's work to help jailbreak the iPhone? Because the v2.2.1 doesn't really have too much interesting updates that users anticipated before, sure it got some said improvements like according to Apple's release notes; the update increases the stability of Safari and resolves a problem in which images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the camera roll.

But then like usual, iPhone Atlas gives an extensive report that users are beginning to discover several undocumented enhancements such as:
  • the update appears to address a nasty bug in which users suddenly experience inability to send SMS text messages on the iPhone 3G, receiving the message "error sending" upon attempting to send.
  • For iPod touch users, this update also issue that caused some Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio files to skip during playback.
If any of you are experiencing difficulties in updating your iPhone to v2.2.1 (which you shouldn't if you wish to keep it jailbroken!), you can refer to this Apple's knowledge base article, or for Windows users use this one instead.

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