Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Trēo is my palm-sized netbook

It’s been a rough week for me, no scratch that, weeks. I need to handle few personal things, but obviously took a lot of my time and energy than I’ve anticipated. I’m stuck somewhere in the middle right now, and don’t know exactly where I should be heading to…

Anyway, since I don’t have a laptop or a netbook, I’ve always rely on my Trēo™ 750v to access the internet and get the latest news (RSS feeds) whenever I’m out of town. One of the good things to carry smartphone like Palm Trēo™ is its ability to search the internet anytime anywhere, open a website of the company which I’m looking for, and easily get the phone numbers.

There’s one time where I wanted to go to a certain store when I was in the capital city but not sure if the items I was looking for are already available or not, I was already on route in my car and going back to get the business card was only a waste of time. So I pulled my Trēo™, launched the Pocket IE and searched for the store’s website, just in few minutes I got the phone numbers. Thank goodness I’ve called first, because the items were indeed have not arrived yet. This may seems trivial, but thanks to my Trēo™ I was saved from hours of terrible traffic jam that’s often happen in the capital city.

Unlike a laptop or a netbook, I can use my Trēo™ however I want. I can use it while I'm standing, while walking, while behind the wheel, while stroll the mall, while sipping a cup of coffee at Starbucks, or even while running... maybe I won't be able to do the latter, but you got the idea. ;-)

And when I finally got back to my small and remote hometown, my old computer’s HDD suddenly refused to run as usual, or in another word: broken. It shows something worse than the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death, …yes I’m a PC ;-p), it shows: Disk Error message which is worse because it’s a hardware problem. So for few days while waiting for a new HDD, I was cut off from the wonderland called internet, and for a geek like me those days felt like I was stranded on an island in the middle of an ocean.

Once again my Trēo™ proves itself to be a life saver, it keeps me updated with the help of RSS aggregator app and allows me to send/receive emails with the built-in feature. Doing all of that are a breeze with my Trēo™, the only drawback is I have to stare at its small screen. Such a contrast compared to the 19” CRT monitor (yes, I still own a CRT! ~LOL~) of my old computer.

Lots of friends and relatives are mocking my aging and bulky Trēo™, but no matter what they say about it, I find it to be very reliable and sturdy. And like what May C. have said before in her post at PalmAddict; “perhaps the old age is getting to me”, and that’s perhaps why I’m used to what is working for me and I’m loving it. ;-D

Speaking of May C., I was lucky enough to be given a skin case for my Trēo™ from a contest she held at her weblog. I’m doing a quick review of it, it’s not a new product and I’m sure others have knew about it too, but if you’re interested you can check it out at this post.

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