Monday, March 30, 2009

Trēo 680 promptly appears in the Transporter 3 movie

I think I'm on a streak of luck this week, I keep on spotting Palm Trēo™ everytime I made an appointment with my tv and get comfy with the sofa. First it was in tv series, and this time I saw Trēo™ 680 in the "Transporter 3" movie.

I almost didn't recognize it when the Trēo™ 680 appears for the first time, because it isn't shot close-up. But I noticed it immediately by the glow of the keyboard when used, as you can see yourself at the left picture. The keyboard light also gives out the clue that it is the Trēo™ 680; the alphabet buttons are lighted up while the numerics are not.

It became real clear when in another scene the Trēo™ 680 is placed on the table along with other mobile phones, the Trēo's color is grey so I'm quite positive that it is not the 750 or 755p. All of the scenes showed the Trēo™ 680 very quickly.

Natalya rudakova
For Palm-addicts, especially you who own a Trēo™ like me, these appearances of Trēos in movies and tv series prove that the smartphone of our choice is not that old and left behind. In fact that shows how much Palm smartphones have become an important part of modern digital life style for many people around the world.

Although sadly the Trēo™ 680 in this movie is used by the bad guys, too bad. But thank God there's the pretty Natalya Rudakova (inset picture on the right) playing the main female character in the movie, she surely is a sight for my sore eyes. *sigh* I think I've fell in love... ~LOL~

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