Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An iPhone concept optimized for games

The iPhone has became a serious contender in the mobile gaming platform, challenging the already existed competition between Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. This is shown how at this year Game Developer Conference (GDC) almost every game developers were expressing interest, and started developing games specifically to target the growing iPhone popularity. One of them is Ngmoco with its LiveFire game for iPhone OS 3.0, read about it at my previous post.

Although the iPhone itself is still mainly used for making & receiving calls, or the iPod Touch which shares the same software is used for listening music, thus hinder its capacity to compete with dedicated mobile device like the PSP. But what if Apple decided to put its famous wheel-click technology into the iPhone to make it more optimized for playing games?

This is what Olivier Demangel (via Ubergizmo) had in mind when he made an iPhone concept optimized for games -pictured above-, pretty awesome eh? I know, it's far from becoming a reality since Apple is unlikely to make an iPhone with sliding keyboard underneath its screen. But still, we're allowed to dream rite? ;-p

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